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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  How long is my lease?

A:  Most of our leases are month to month, but some may require a minimum lease term.


Q:  What am I allowed to store?

A:  Most items are allowed; including, but not limited to: furniture, documents, vehicles and others.  We do not permit tenants to store flammable items, tires, food, or any hazardous or illegal materials.


Q:  Are my items insured?

A:  No.  Like most storage facilities, we do not insure your property; please contact your own insurance agent.


Q:  Do I need to use a special lock?

A:  No, there are several types of locks that are suitable for self-storage doors.  You are required to use your own lock.  We do not want a key to your lock; this makes your storage locker more secure.


Q:  During what times can I access my storage unit?

A:  We allow access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week once you sign your lease and for as long as you keep your rental payments current.


Q:  What sizes do you have available?

A:  5×10, 8×10, and 10×20


Q:  Do you use any pest control?

A:  We use a professional pest control management service if needed; however, they do not have access to your unit.  To minimize the chance of having a pest in your unit, we ask that you avoid storing food items, or anything else that would attract pests.


Q:  How do I pay my rent?

A:  You have several options.  We accept major credit cards, debit/bank cards, money orders, or checks.


Q:  Do you accept deliveries?

A:  No.  The safest policy for self-storage is that you lock it and you keep the key.  If you decide to take deliveries, give the delivery person one of your keys; we will assume you want him in your unit.  We DO NOT want a key to your lock.


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